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The Hybrid OR is the future of surgery: A single surgical workspace that combines imaging equipment with a multifunctional surgical table. It allows clinicians to diagnose and treat in a single location, reducing risk and delays, improving patient safety, and ultimately reducing costs. The surgical table top not only meets the needs of multiple surgical disciplines, but also balances the need for panning when used like a Cath Lab.

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Sustainability Hybrid OR

The demand for minimally invasive surgery has grown steadily, fueled by lower costs, faster recoveries, fewer complications and greater patient satisfaction than traditional open surgeries. When imaging technologies, minimally invasive surgical tools, and traditional surgical resources are brought together in a single room, physicians have the ability to diagnose and treat patients quickly, using the best resources for their specific needs. The room is built around a multifunctional surgical table, and incorporates the latest in imaging equipment, including angiography, CT and MR.